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What is DomAPI?

DomAPI is an application-centric, enterprise-ready development environment, targeted at version 5.0 or better browsers running on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Safari, Chimera and Firefox.

Key benefits of using DomAPI in your web projects:
  • Empowers you to build high-quality client-side GUIs using reusable components.
  • Requires no plugins.
  • Works on practically any DOM compliant browser on any platform.
  • Enables you to quickly leverage the power of AJAX, RPC and JSON technologies.
  • FREE for use on your personal website(s)!
  02/07/2009 News: DomAPI 5 Wishlist  

The DomAPI 5 skunk works project has begun. I've been assembling ideas for new features to appear in the next version of DomAPI for some time now, but it's now time to start getting your ideas as well.

While the last major release concentrated mainly on performance enhancements, this next version so far is aimed purely at adding new and exciting features and components.

The cornerstone of the release will be in making components more data-aware. While DomAPI components have always been able to display datasets in a variety of ways from a host of different formats, the onus was always on the developer to hook these up to whatever backend they were using. So while DomAPI took care of all the client code for you, you still effectively needed to roll your own middleware.

So for version 5, a new component layer (DComponent) is being introduced into the class hierarchy. All components that support data awareness will now descend from this class instead of directly from Component.

Proposed changes to class hierarchy
The new DComponent class will expose a standardized set of utilities for loading data in, paging through it and posting back changes to the server. In these initial planning stages this new interface is expected to be RESTful.

As more news about DomAPI 5 unfolds I will post it here. Please feel free to add any wish list items in the comments here.



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There are no costs when using DomAPI with not-for-profit webpages. Additional licensing options are available for deploying to commercial sites. Some options also include access to the uncompressed source code or rights to distribute the library with your applications.